Development of a new WordPress Theme has started

There are many WordPress Themes out there and there are some very good Multipurpose Themes. It seem that everything is possible with them. So why building a new theme?

Before I started with WordPress about one year ago, I was using and developing with TYPO3. All TYPO3 Extensions and Web designs we built were validated, optimized and since responsiveness came up, the were made using Bootstrap. I searched for an easy solution to create some neat websites and blogs with WordPress without developing, so I came across Divi. The Divi Theme seems to be the ultimate problem solver for me. I bought the lifetime licences at Elegant Themes, installed it and styled a lots of pages and posts using the Divi Builder.

Most of the time I loved using Divi. Most problems I had were easy to solve, some were better to ignore and a few needed some more Plugins to work. I bought the Injector Series from Sean Barton at Tortoise IT. But the more posts I created with Divi, the more code I needed in my Child themes to fix bugs, solve problems or correct messy translations. I searched for a better solution, found and tested Elementor. That seemed to be better than Divi but there was a real problem moving from Divi to Elementor. De-installing Divi Theme and Divi Builder means to be left in a ocean of messy shortcodes. These days I found Gutenberg. The new WordPress Editor that might change everything. I test-installed the plugin, fell in love and decided to search for a Theme to use it.

I copied my biggest blog project, installed Gutenberg and tried to convert posts from Divi. The first Time I really hated Divi. I asked the Elegant Themes Support, if there is a roadmap or a breath of an idea, no answer. I searched for a good-looking theme that supports Gutenberg and found nothing. That was the day, I decided to do something. Hey, I am a Web Developer. I only wanted to be a Blogger and do no development for that. but what can’t be handled, just can’t be handled. I can not handle using a bad coded and messy tool like Divi any more.

So I searched for a good starting point and a good first target for my development. The first starting point was using a good Starter Theme with Bootstrap, to add Gutenberg Support, Vue.js and create some Blocks. But after some days, OK weeks of research, I changed my mind.

Which Starter Theme and where it all started a few days ago. Read my second article about that very soon.